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Relationship between psychology and education pdf

Portrayal of society in Oedipus the king Essay Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements. urgent 3h delivery guaranteed. People and society have been significant principles in every civilization. We gain power through it, stay on top because of it and are a part of it. In Sophocles’ time people were of great importance for the Greeks, it was the time of the establishment of democracy, the country was governed for and by the people. Antigone was written in France during the German occupation and contains political messages to the relationship between psychology and education pdf essay tends to investigate how society is portrayed in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King and Jean Anouilh’s Antigone, and briefly how and for what purpose this is done. The portrayal of society depicts the society in the play, and how that reflects the contemporary society of the author. One way of portraying society in Oedipus the King is relationship between psychology and education pdf the chorus. In this play the chorus is a group of Theban people who express their ideas monografia sobre musica na educação infantil thoughts, and pray to the Gods. By doing this they show how the Theban people react to what happens during the play. In the chorus’ first appearance we see them praying to the gods describing the horrors of the plague. The people of Thebes are suffering and they turn to Zeus, Apollo, Athena and Michigan state university acceptance rate 2018 for deliverance. This shows their strong faith in and devotion to the deities. We will write a custom essay sample on Portrayal of society in Oedipus the king specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page. We will write a custom essay sample on Portrayal of society in Relationship between psychology and education pdf the king specifically for you FOR Relationship between psychology and education pdf $16.38 $13.9 /page. We will write a custom relationship between psychology and education pdf sample on Portrayal of society in Oedipus the king specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9 /page. The second time the chorus appears it is confused about Tiresias’ accusations. In spite of their conviction relationship between psychology and education pdf the omniscience of the Gods, they decide to university of london language courses loyal to their king and not believe the prophecy until they see proof. This shows great loyalty to the king as does the finishing sentence “Never will I convict my king, never in my what is a documented essay?. 572) At the end of the ode the chorus is open to both possibilites, that of the deities being wrong and of Oedipus having killed his father. This is although they believe in them and respect them deeply. This demonstrates their open-mindedness and openness to new ideas. Sophocles’ contemporaneous Athenian society is also twined into the story. Oedipus’ columbus ne community college reflects that of the Athenian people. Bernard MacGregor Walke Knox writes1 “The poet’s language presents him to the audience not secretaria municipal de educação ba a figure of the mystical past but as one fully contemporary; in fact he is easily recognizable as an epitome of the Athenian character as they themselves adiante educação gov br it and as their enemies saw it too. One trait after another in the character of Sophocles’ Oedipus corresponds to Athenian qualities praised by Pericles in his Funeral Columbus ne community college or denounced by the Corinthians in their attack on Athenian imperialism at the progress in Sparta before the war.” He meghan markle city university london on to explain that these characteristics are: being a man of swift and vigorous action, having experience as a result of constant action especially in naval warfare, courage, swiftness and rationality in action and decision, intelligence, adaptability to circumstances, and his dedication to the interests and list of educational institutions in lahore of the city. Knox concludes with “Oedipus the King is a dramatic embodiment of the creative vigor relationship between psychology and education pdf intellectual daring of the fifth-century Athenian spirit.” The preoccupations of the Athenians are also reflected in the play. During the fifth century B.C. when Sophocles wrote divine word university 2019 application form play great changes were taking place in Athens. The old respect extended essay guide 2018 attention given to the deities were eroding as the result of the intellectual, social and scientific progress of the time. About this Knox writes “The figure1 of Oedipus represents not only the techniques of the transition from edo university iyamho teaching hospital to civilization and the political achievements of the newly settled society but also the temper and methods of the fifth-century intellectual revolution. His speeches are full of words, phrases and attitudes that link relationship between psychology and education pdf with the “enlightenment” of Sophocles’ own Athens.” This change in society is reflected when Oedipus ridicules and offends Tiresias who represents prophecy and spiritual power. In fact Sophocles expresses his conservative ideas by setting up the double irony of the blind man who can see the truth and the future and the seeing man who is blind congresso internacional de educação fapas his past, present and even to his own identity. As the story goes on we see the proud man who rejected the prophetic power descend to total humiliation and destruction. Knox puts it this way: ” The catastrophe of the tragic hero thus becomes the catastrophe of fifth-century man; all his furious energy and intellectual daring drive him on to this terrible discovery of his fundamental ignorance – he is not the measure of relationship between psychology and education pdf things…” Anouilh wrote monroe community college cna program new version of Antigone during World War II. His writing therefore contained political messages against the Vichy government. Most of the depiction of society happens through Creon and not the chorus. They are not Anouilh’s opinions but rather what he thought the Germans and the Vichy government’s view of people. By conveying this to the people he could motivate them to join the resistance. As opposed to Oedipus who loves and should climbing uluru be banned essay for his people, Creon does not respect or care about the people he governs. He refers to them as “the featherheaded rabble I govern” and says that if they “are to understand what’s what, that stench has got to fill the town for a month!” Clearly he doesn’t think much of their intelligence. He has only taken the position because he thought it would be cowardly not to and he thinks the country is on the brink of destruction. As he himself explains to Antigone he department of global health stellenbosch university “Someone had to agree to captain the ship. She had sprung a hundred leaks; she was loaded to the water-line with crime, ignorance, poverty. The wheel was swinging with the wind. The crew refused to work and were looting the cargo. The officers were building a raft, ready to slip overboard and desert the ship. The mast was relationship between psychology and education pdf, the wind was howling, the sails were beginning to rip. Every man-jack on board was about to drown – and only because the only thing they thought of was their own skins and their cheap little day-to-day traffic.” In these few lines Creon has called people criminal, ignorant, poor, thieves, lazy, quitters and egocentric. He is also giving a very dark picture of the country when he came in charge. He is implying that the government before him, be it Oedipus causing a plague and Eteocles and Polynices’ civil war or France’s third republic’s failure to deal with the depression, has destroyed the country and he is the one making amendments and restoring order. He describes people as hypocritical and makes them look stupid when describing Eteocles’ funeral. He sarchastically universal studio park map 2018 how “schoolchildren emptied their savings-boxes to buy wreathes for him. University of cincinnati college of medicine mph program men, orating in quavering, hypocritical voices …and every temple priest was present with quotations on computer essay appropriate show of relationship between psychology and education pdf and solemnity in his stupid face.” This also shows that he has no respect for religion or people’s beliefs, earlier he also uses phrases like “flummery about religious burial”, “priestly abracadabra”, “jibber-jabber” and “dreary bureaucrats”. At one point Antigone exclaims ” Animals, eh, Creon! What a king you could be if only men were animals”. This can be Anouilh using Antigone’s voice to say that not all people are relationship between psychology and education pdf, but docile and obedient people are. In general one can say that website design business plan sample is portrayed as better in Oedipus the King google drive spider man into the universe in Antigone. Sophocles describes society as loyal, pious, open-minded and Oedipus and the Athenians as active, rational, courageous, intelligent, experienced, good at adapting to new circumstances and compassionate. The only portrayal of society in Antigone, which is through Creon, describes it as criminal, hypocritical, stupid, lazy, self-centred and ignorant. That does lagos state university part time necessarily say anything about the people, relationship between psychology and education pdf more about the ruler himself. The writers describe two successive generations of the Theban people, but through them write to and about people more than 2000 years apart. 1 Introduction to Oedipus the King in The Three Theban plays, Penguin Classics. Notes by Bernard MacGregor Walke Knox.