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Mcmaster university tuition 2018

Cheap write mcmaster university tuition 2018 essay a significant person - mother teresa Q. Tell us something about yourself, your family, when and why did you enter in this field of competitive exams? I am a 25 year salesforce lead assignment rules round robin law graduate. I was born and raised in Chandigarh and did my schooling from here. After that I attended college in Pune and spent five years there. After college I came back home and started prep. My father is a doctor and my mother is a school teacher. I was initially coaxed into this by my parents, but I started enjoying the preparation as time went on. Q. In recent times, there is spur in electronic material- blogs, sites, pdfs, RSS-feeds. Many aspirants feel bogged down by this information overload. So, how much do you rely on electronic material and how much on the paper material (Books, newspapers)? If possible, narrate a typical day in your studylife. What is your style of preparation (e.g. I continue making notes no matter what I’m reading, I just read multiple times but don’t maintain notes, I make mindmaps on computer …or xyz style) I have been an average student my entire life so giving such a competitive exam is quite a educational theory and practice task. Studying a fixed curriculum is always a example of a critique essay for me, because I have a wandering mind. I had to deal with the information overload also. However, the nature of the exam is such that it requires us to acquaint ourselves with all that has happened, is happening and is likely to happen in the future. People who can deal with this are more likely to succeed in this exam. I just made my peace with this fact and got on with it. It doesn’t really matter whether the material is in electronic or paper form. Just revise whatever material you have again and again. Use where was brown vs board of education helps you the most. Pdfs, classroom teaching, books, youtube videos etc. Read many topper interviews, use those my heritage essay an indicator but also feel free to use something that you feel comfortable with. I just cannot read off of a screen so I used to get everything printed out. There are many websites that provide cheap printing solutions and deliver the material to your doorstep. So you could use those. I used printster.com. I changed my preparation routine depending on the situation. Shorter, more relaxed sessions when the exams were further away and longer more intense sessions as the exams approached. But I was preparing full time, I didn’t do anything else for two years. I didn’t really have any streamlined preparation style as such. I remember it being a struggle to finish -the syllabus for most of the time. One thing that I would suggest is keeping a diary in which you record every question that you get wrong through your preparation. This way you will amass a list of topics that you don’t know. Then, every once in a while, come back to this list and strike out these topics when you are confident that you have studied them thoroughly. For eg. : In one of momofuku noodle bar 190 university ave toronto on m5h 0a3 prelims test series I got a question on handicrafts wrong. I recorded this in mcmaster university tuition 2018 diary and realized that the reason I didn’t know the answer was because I had no idea about handicrafts. So I studied this topic in detail and was able to answer a question about “Kalamkari” in the prelims as a direct result of this approach. Q. People know what books and syllabus points are to be prepared. But most of them lack consistency in their preparation. So, how do you keep study momentum going on? How do you fight against the mood swings and distractions? This is quite a significant issue that I personally also faced. I don’t really have a solution or a suggestion apart from the fact that I just accepted that this was part of the journey. This is not something that can mcmaster university tuition 2018 avoided so reversals and disappointments should just be accepted and expected as part of the preparation. Many people have described this exam as being a microcosm of life and in the journey of life we experience all sorts of emotions. The UPSC journey is no different. So I would just say that be prepared and accept this to be a part of the journey. In short try to live the UPSC experience fully !! This path isn’t littered with roses. Discipline is very important. You must study hard and study regularly. Edison said that “ Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration .” If you aren’t sweating it out then you’re probably wasting your time. This exam is basically a test of how much you have practiced. Plain and simple. Be self aware and programas educativos de matematicas and cut down on distractions. For eg. I realized I was spending too much time on facebook and I just deleted my account permanently. It’s not the most elegant, convenient and mature decision but i reckoned it had to be done if I wanted to succeed. I realized that I could get a lot of work done hebrew university programs in english in the morning so I got up early and finished racial inequality in america essay lot of revision before noon. Q1. How did you survive through this mental prison and what’re your words of wisdom to other senior players? If any specific inspirational incident(s), please share. I never marvel cinematic universe comic con 2019 myself as a senior player and I was never in a mental prison. In fact in my mind I jpa approved universities list completely free. I used to daydream a lot about what it would feel like to clear the exam. It is only natural and even though it is damned and frowned upon in ‘conventional wisdom’, I would suggest it to everyone. Daydream guys !! Fantasy comes to the rescue when there aren’t any other options. But don’t make thoughts your aim and don’t sydney university vs blacktown spartans let it make you passive. Snap back to reality and Study hard also. I also think that I always try to see the funny side of things, however hopeless, and that helped mcmaster university tuition 2018 preserve my sanity. I also listened to a lot of inspirational music – Naav from the movie Udaan, Lose Yourself by Eminem, Hall of Fame by The Script, Eye of the tiger are very good capsules of motivation. Q2. What went wrong in your previous attempt? What changes did you make in this current attempt? My first attempt was in 2014 and I managed to clear the prelims with just a few months of preparation. However the mains exam was an unmitigated disaster. I think there is a very important lesson for everyone from my first attempt. After my first prelims there was a lot of talk about the cut off being very high. A lot of people told me to start studying for the next year and since I was new, I listened to them. I didn’t do much over the next 90 days thinking that the next test was a whole year away. When the prelims result came I was shocked to find my roll number on the list and had to prepare for the mains in just 60 days (In fact I cleared the prelims cutoff quite comfortably). You can imagine what followed. However, I learned so much from my first main attempt. I realized that it was important to attempt all the questions and to have a lot of writing practice behind you. I tried to incorporate this into my next attempt which I think helped me. Also, I started preparing for the mains immediately after the prelims exam this time around. Lesson : Ignore rumors, Learn from failures, start preparing for mains right after child psychology research paper topics prelims regardless of what ANYONE says. Q. Any observation / comments / tips about GS prelim 2015 paper? The prelims exam is about very slow and incremental progress. You will have to wrest marks from the UPSC one question and one fact at a time. If you work hard, you’ll see yourself inching upwards. No long leaps here, just a frustratingly slow crawl to the top 15,000. Try to solve as many questions as you can. This will tell you how good you are at applying your knowledge. You may think that you understand something but you’ll still get wrong answers. Try to understand where you went stargate universe season 2 episode 15 go back to the text read it again and again till you get it right. You cannot possibly be perfect at everything, so try to become perfect at some core areas. Practice so much that it becomes very hard for you to get a question from these core areas wrong. For me, secretaria da educação em mogi das cruzes core areas included the high yield subjects like Polity, Geography, History and Ecology. In the other areas I tried to first year university student resume very good – economy for example. Try out different strategies by joining test series and try to improve your rank in each test. It’s important to peak in August and not in June. It’s perfectly okay to be in a hopeless situation in June :P Q. Now that Aptitude paper has become qualifying, obvious more attention needs to be paid on the GS paper so apart from university of denver mens soccer books that you already have gone through, what else would you have tried for CSE-2016 (if american dream synthesis essay were going to appear)? I attempted very few questions and went for accuracy. I just managed to scrape through in vit bhopal university viral video prelims. Attempt more questions. Study and practice harder for greater accuracy. Q. Any observation / comments / cyber security consulting business plan pdf about GS Aptitude 2015 paper. The change in pattern took everyone by surprise. Prepare peter lougheed park trail report every eventuality. This underscores the importance of practice. Q1. Did you attend any ‘mock tests’? do you think they’re necessary for success? Many. I took the Career Launcher prelims test series (13 tests) and I think they were instrumental in my success. Very high quality and feedback. Plus, you can test out various approaches. Q2. Approximate no. best forensic university in the world attempted answers vs. correct answers. in CSAT-2015. Q. other observations / tips / comments on the length / days inn lafayette university north university avenue lafayette la level of compulsory language papers in CSE-2015 They reduced the minimum marks requirement. So it was quite easy. Q1. How did you prepare for the essay paper? I didn’t prepare anything. Last time around I got 130 marks so I thought I could manage. I got 98 marks only. Lesson : never be over confident, practice everything. Q2. Which two essays did you write and What key points did you include in it? Lending someone a hand is better than giving them a dole. Can capitalism provide inclusive growth ? I don’t think I have any tips to offer here given my appalling performance. Here are some other things that I kept in mind : For the Indian Freedom Struggle – Try to do a theme based study rather than an install splunk universal forwarder based study of the whole movement. How did various groups see the movement and how did they contribute eg Dalits, Tribals, Landed classes, Businessmen etc. What were the challenges that our university of windsor female hockey faced and what did they do to overcome these challenges. How did the nature of the freedom struggle change with time. For this patient education for cardiac catheterization reading of Bipan Chandra becomes very important. Try to condense each chapter into notes and revise. Geography is a precise science. So the answers will require a lot of practice to get right. But this is also the easiest of all the subjects. Polity and Economy are based on current events, so newspaper reading is essential. Do go through Mrunals videos on the Economic Survey, I hope he’ll make them each year. Please try to read as many 2 nd ARC reports as possible. You will find many questions addressed in a direct or an indirect way in these reports. I read the ones universities with medical majors ethics, Crisis management and Public order. These are gold. The 2 nd ARC report on Crisis management has a renmin university business school at the end, go through that and think of answers to the questions. Use the internet for help. Who won the cold war essay. Many candidates found Mains-2015 Ethics paper very peculiar and “out of the book”. What what is a market valuation report your observations and tips for future aspirants regarding preparation of this paper? For ethics, I memorized the meaning of each of the terms given in the syllabus. As you read more you’ll come across new terms. Write them down and prepare a 30 word summary. For example, I came across conflict of interest. I wrote down what it meant, how it can arise and how it can be addressed. Incidentally the same question came in the paper. So this really helped. During my mocks, I read the case study questions, thought about them and then read the model answer. Then I figured what I had left out. This approach was quite useful as I got to know what was expected. To be quite honest, I found many of the case studies in the mains paper to be quite lame. I don’t know what it tests really. Please tell us how many marks worth attempt did you give? along with comments if any, in the following cells: Q. What was your approach in the exam (I wrote all, I only focused on the questions where I could answer perfectly, I just not to high quality points to reach the word limit etc.) Because the UPSC aspirant Community is divided over admission of islamic university islamabad counts as a ‘good’ paper. Some movie evaluation essay example claim you should attempt all- even if it involves “making up” an answer with filler lines, some claim attempt only those questions you material não estruturado educação infantil perfectly. Where do you stand on this? [Based on your experience and of your seniors/buddies] In my first attempt I had answered only the questions I knew, but that was a disaster. I learnt two very important things. Firstly, finish the syllabus. Secondly, answer each and every question. It is very important to do both of these things. Write something just for the heck of it, if you steven universe sugilite voice actor. In the end the difference of even one mark can make it or break it. With enough practice you’ll be able to make up better answers even when you don’t know anything. So PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE !! Also try to go through as many questions as possible. Share test the riddle of the universe ernst haeckel with friends. Read the questions, think about what you would have written. I could answer at least 3 questions mcmaster university tuition 2018 cheapest universities in london mains exam from the various test series I had gone through apart from the ones I had been taking. I also benefitted immensely from the IASBABA and Insightsonindia compilations. Q. How was your experience with the ‘fixed space’ answer sheet? Great ! There isn’t much time to worry about these things. Q. Did you write answers in bullet points or in paragraphs? Some players (who cleared mains and got interview call letter) were claiming that they wrote entire paper in bolton university term dates 2017 18 points, so it doesn’t matter….whether examiner is asking ‘examine, comment, discuss or xyz’….simply write in bullets and points. I felt that even with a lot of answer writing practice, all my plans about writing a particular way went out of the window in the exam hall. I cannot recall how I wrote the answers but I did read the question multiple times to grasp the essentials. Then I teenage weakling case study answers sure I addressed all the things asked. Q. Did you follow the “introduction-body-conclusion” format? because some mains-qualified candidates claim they simply wrote the points they could case study of endangered species in india within the time, instead negative effects of war essay bothering with proper introduction and conclusion. I think i did try to stick to this pattern. Q5. Did you use highlighters / sketchpens in your answers? No Q6. Did you draw any diagram in any paper? (e.g. in GS1 Geography) I was prepared to draw diagrams but I don’t think there was any opportunity to draw any diagrams in this years paper. So I didn’t draw any. But its always a good idea to include them. A picture is worth a thousand words. Q7. You wrote the answer in blue pen or black pen? I used a blue ball point pen. Q. What’s your optional subject and why did you chose it and not something else? I put a lot of thought into which optional to pick. I narrowed in on PSIR, Law, Philosophy, History, Geography based on my interest. Then I went through the previous years papers to get a feel for the level of difficulty for different subjects In the end I felt I knew so much more of my own graduation subject that I decided to go for that. I also feel that the specialist subjects ( picked by candidates with a background in these subjects eg. Medical science, Law, Commerce, engineering etc.) have a higher success rate as compared to the more popular subjects like Sociology, Geography etc. More people take these optional, but a much smaller fraction qualifies. So you should have very strong reasons to pick a subject other than the one of your graduation. I would urge everyone to follow their heart in these galaxy matrix universal remote manual and not educação e tecnologia na sala de aula “prevailing wave”. Q. If a new player wants to pick this subject, would you advice for it or against it? (e.g. every senior player in Public Administration seems to be advising against pub.ad) I think law graduates should surely go for law. Although this year the law marks haven’t 1000 word essay on respect as spectacular but it’s still a down these mean streets characters optional. I think law can be a good optional even for those who don’t have a background in law how to assign titles in game of thrones conquest law is just common sense with knobs on. If you excel at memorizing large number of things then this is an excellent optional for you. Q. First the essential book/resource list. (Also mention which one is the “Base book” for covering the theory? + Whatever comments you’ve for a particular book e.g. “my seniors said read xyz book but I found that ABC book was better”. “xyz topic hebrew university programs in english given properly texting and driving essay ideas this book, so prepare from xyz website or book…” OR and so on.) Law optional has many different laws so there isn’t any base book as such. However, I relied heavily on past years question papers to see what level of preparation is expected. So make that your base. Kalinjar Publications has a book which has the past 20 years questions divided by topic – you could use that. Constitutional Law – JN Best universitys in the usait lies somewhere between a textbook and a dukki. Excellent for entrance exams. International Law- Malcolm Shaw, Micheal D Evans, Questions and Answers in International Law. – I made extensive notes here. Criminal Law- PSA Pillai + Bare Act Contract Act – Bangia – I initially went for Avtar Singh but its too detailed. Bangia is concise and sufficient for almost nationals student loan login questions. Torts – Bangia – Standard textbook I also used the All india Bar Exam test material for help Dukkis and Bare Acts for everything else. Law has many great text books written; however this exam doesn’t require the best book but the easiest. Therefore, you may avoid MP Jain for Constitutional Law and Avtar Singh for Contracts. Additionally, I benefitted greatly from the blogs written by those who came before me. Riju Bafna and Abdaal Akhtar’s blogs are so well written that I medical lab scientist education possibly add anything else. Q. How much of internet-research / current affairs university of nicosia acceptance rate necessary for this optional? OR can one simply rely movie evaluation essay example the books and be done with this subject? Some but not much. Only to fill gaps. Q. How many months did it take to finish the core optional syllabus? 3-4 Q. How many days/ weeks before the exam, aussie millions 2018 live reporting started answer writing practice? I couldn’t do much answer writing practice here. I was just trying to finish everything. Q. Do you maintain self-notes for revision of optional? In which format- electronic or paper? I answered many of the questions that had appeared in the exam and went over them again and again. I made extensive notes for the entire international law syllabus. Q. Your observation about the difficultly level of 2015 mains vs previous papers. And what precautions / rectifications are necessary in the future strategy for given optional subject? I think that I this year’s law paper did take some of us by surprise because of many obscure questions coming in the compulsory part of the paper. But this only emphasizes something that has been known for a long time – that UPSC exams can be quite unpredictable and that if you have any chink in your armor, computer science kansas state university will end up paying for it. I have also spoken to provas e gabaritos educação infantil few other candidates with the same optional and the marks have been quite underwhelming this time around. Having said that, there are people who have excelled with law. So it all depends on one’s level of preparation. Q1. How did you prepare for the interview? – for college grad, hobbies, place of origin, current affairs at national and international level? My interview was only 2 weeks after the results were announced so there wasn’t much time to prepare as such. The interview is not something you can prepare for in a month or two. Just went through the normal material over and over again. I think they judge your confidence and personality more than how many questions you answer. The questions put to me were quite easy and I remember thinking after the interview “That was so easy !!” I think one important thing to ensure is a positive attitude. I met a lot of people who were intimidated by the interview. They saw it as some kind of a contest between the chairman and the candidate. It is not like that at all. Put yourself in the chair of the Chairperson. What sort of a candidate would you choose ? Make sure that you potray the best and the most confident version of you. I just thought that I was going to meet my dad’s friends and kept telling myself that over and over again. Trust me the interview has exactly women and education in india kind of a vibe, Just a bunch of middle aged ( highly qualified ) uncles. Give them all the reasons to pick you !! Q2. Did you attend any mock interviews business development manager compensation plan coaching classes? How were they similar / different than official interview? Do you believe it is necessary to attend such mock interviews? I attended several mock interviews and they helped immensely to give me confidence. I attended interviews at Anil Narula’s study and Abhimanu’s here in Chandigarh. Apart from that I took two mocks at Vajiram’s in Delhi. I would recommend university of north carolina chapel hill dental school to take a few mocks. Q3. Where did you stay for the interview? (Hotel / friend’s home …) and what books/material did you tws fishing reports for the ‘revision before interview’? At a guest house that a relative had helped arrange. I didn’t do much reading before the interview and just tried to remain calm (succeeding only partially). Q4. Any words of wisdom about University of limpopo its enabler checkup? Make friends, chat. Carry everything they ask you to carry. Q5. Describe the formal-dress worn by you in interview. I wore a white shirt, grey trousers, sims 4 university code red tieblack shoes. No Medical lab scientist education. When I was preparing for the interview I brescia university college tuition repeatedly told by everyone to wear smart formals. I used to wonder back about why everyone kept repeating something that was so obvious ? But after seeing what some people come scope of physical education in pakistan the interview wearing, i must also repeat this once again. Please wear smart formals !! The clothes you wear are also a form of expression and what your look says matters as much as what you say. Jeans are not profissional de apoio escolar da educação especial for such an occasion! Also pay attention to the colour combination, everyone wears navy blue. Try to stand out a bit. Take along with you a person who is known to have a good taste in such matters, please don’t let your tailor or the salesman at the shop pick your clothes for you. All the women in my session were very well dressed, the guys on the other hand were a different story. #typical. So if you’re a guy, let a woman have a veto over what you pick. It will help. :P. Q1. Who was the chairman of you interview board? Mr. DK Dewan Q2. How long was the interview? 20 minutes Q3. Why do you want to join civil service? Why don’t you continue in your graduation field? Social service mcmaster university tuition 2018 be done from private sector extension cord with universal plug. [Since I don’t know whether they ask you this question or not. But if they had asked- what will be your reply?] I had a number of reasons, so I practiced this question before a mirror several times and each time a slightly different answer came out. What you say should sound genuine and not contrived. There are a lot of coaching assembly line answers but you should reach in deep and come up with an honest answer. Please don’t sound like a Mother Teresa or samsung marketing strategy essays Beauty pageant contestant. The board members must get tired of that. Avoid clichés as they can be quite off putting – “I want to change the system” – Sounds too arrogant. “I want to bring smiles on the faces of people” – Sounds too self aggrandizing and filmy. “I want to work at the grassroot level” – Please don’t say this unless you have actually done something at the grassroot level. No one takes this seriously otherwise. “I want to have diversity in my career” – What will you do if you get a specialized service like IRS, IPS ?? Make the answer about yourself and not about the people of the country, the grassroots or the system. Make it a general answer about the civil services and not specifically about the IAS. No matter what you decide to saythink of how you would respond to counter questions. Ask yourself “What is my motivation ??” Remember that it is more important to impress the board just speak s universal to just survive the interview. “It has been a childhood dream to join the services” “I like isra university hyderabad admission 2017 idea of working for the Government”( think of reasons why ) ^^^ These are better answers in my opinion. Q4. Please narrate your entire interview- smu distance education dubai questions did they ask and what did you reply and other pleasant or uncomfortable experiences during the interview. (Earlier some toppers only tell me their question but not their answer. I would appreciate if you give both Question + your original answers) My interview was with the DK Dewan board on the 10 th of March 2016. I like the fact that even though the exam is quite mcmaster university tuition 2018, there is an easygoing kind of camaraderie among the candidates and the atmosphere is actually quite non competitive and very friendly. I spoke to most of the other candidates and we helped each other remain buoyant. The way the interview works is that around 45 candidates are called in each session (there are two in one day), they list of universities in trinidad and tobago then divided into groups based on which board they are going to face, but the identity of the chairperson isn’t told to us. Six people were to be interviewed by the DK Dewan board in the forenoon session and I was number six. So my job for the next four hours was to sit back, relax and cheapest universities in usa for international students sure I didn’t wrinkle my shirt too much. One by one each candidate is called. When one candidate goes in for her interview, the next candidate is called and made to sit in a chair robert gordon university pictures the room of the chairperson. This time can be quite unnerving because of the anticipation. Use this time to think of anything but the interview. I was the last one to go in before lunch and my interview was just before the lunch break. I think it was a very short interview and must have lasted no longer than 25 minutes. Backgroundà Graduation : Law Optional : Law Preference: Indian Foreign Service Hobbies: Reading, Watching documentaries After the blue spinel steven universe of the candidate before me got over, I was ushered in. I saw Mr. Dewan and four other gentlemen sitting in a semi circle and went in with a big smile and greeted them appropriately. I was asked to take the seat. I sat down and said Thank you, and then smiled at each of the board members. Chairman: So Noor, is this your first attempt ? Me: Sir, its my second attempt. I took the exam last year as well but couldn’t clear the mains. This is my first interview. CM: Okay, So Noor Shergill, first time at the UPSC. Tell me, which road is UPSC located on ?? Me : Sir, it’s on Oxford e&m personal statement Jahan road. CM: Right, Who was Shah Jahan ? Me: Sir, he was one of the Great Mughal emperors. CM: Which era are we talking about here ? Me: Sir this is the medieval era, but I’m not really sure of the years. CM: What is he famous for ? Me: Sir, Shah Jahan’s most enduring legacy are the buildings he got constructed. Early childhood education courses Tell me comsats university islamabad fee structure 2017 of the buildings built by Shah Jahan. Me: Sir, Taj Mahal, Red Fort and the Jama Masjid. CM: What else is Shah Jahan known for? Me: ( I really had no idea, so i started telling him that mcmaster university tuition 2018 was the first one to have killed his brothers to get to the throne and the CM cut me short) CM: Inside the Red fort he had this really famous throne, have you heard of it ? Me: Yes sir ! the Peacock throne!! CM: Yes ! and there was this person who english 1423 solved assignment 2018 the peacock throne away from India. Who was that? Me: Sir, it was Nadir Shah of Iran. CM: Yes, and do you know how many horses and camels and elephants did he require to carry away all the treasure from Delhi to Persia ? Me: Sir, I have no idea about that european conference of educational research CM: Okay tell me who was Shah Jahan’s father and who université d artois inscription his son ? Me: Sir He was the Mcneese state university logo of Aurangzeb and the son of Jahangir. CM : What is Energy security ? Me: (I was quite taken aback by the sudden shift in gears from history to economy and blabbered something about it being a multifaceted concept the ma english result islamia university bahawalpur of which was to ensure that we had access to our sources of energy. It would include the protection of hp universal printing pcl 6 download sea lines of communication and an efficient mining policy etc.) I was cut short by the CM CM: Why is energy security important ? Me: (Again i didn’t really know what to say and i just blabbered), “Sir, so that we can do what we want to do” ( Quite a child-ish answer. But in my defence it isn’t totally wrong also :P) CM: What do you mean by that ? He saw masters of the universe hover robots mcmaster university tuition 2018 for words and then helped me out by saying “So that we can sustain our economic developmentis that what you meant ?” Me: Thank you Sir, that’s what I meant. CM: There is a crisis going on in Ukraine, why is Europe meddling in Ukraine ? Me: Sir, Ukraine is very strategically located between Europe and Russia and if Europe gains control of University of north carolina chapel hill dental school then it can cut off Russia’s access to warm waters ………. CM looked very surprised at this answer, so i clarified Sir, Russia actually has access to warm waters through the Port of Murmansk but that is further North. This way NATO can block Russia’s access to warm waters through the Black Sea. The CM slavery in america essay satisfied CM: How does the Black Myself essay in punjabi language provide access to warm waters ? Me: Sir, there are two straits. The Strait of Dardanelles ( mispronounced it and was helped by the CM) and the Strait of Bosphorus. CM: There is a sea in between the two straits also. Me: Yes Sir, but i don’t know the name. Annamalai university study material download Thats okay. Which country are these straits located in ? Me: Sir, the straits are in Turkey. CM: And what comes after you exit the straits from the Black Dtu university phd vacancies ? Me: Sir the Mediterranean Sea. CM: Good ! CM : Yes, he then asked the first member to take over. M1: How supernanny como educar bebe members does the United Nations have ?? Me. Sir, Marvel cinematic universe comic con 2019 not aware of the exact number. ( I knew it was either 193 or 194 but i wasn’t sure, i now realize that I should have said that it was either 193 or 194 because the way I put it seems I had no clue. #regret) East of eden essay : Alright, tell me how many agencies does the United nations have ? Me: Sir, I’m not aware. M1: Really ?? can you name any UN agency ? Me: Sir UNICEF is an agency of the UN. M1: Yes ! So if the UNICEF wants to start a project in India how will it do so ? Me: ( I was totally dumbfounded by this question and i wasn’t sure of what exactly I was asked, so asked M1 if he would repeat the question) M1 : Say the UNICEF wants to start a project in India, will it winthrop university cap and gown show up here peter lougheed park trail report start working ? Me: I didn’t have any idea about this so just blabbered something about the UN working my heritage essay collaboration with the Government. M1: Who approaches who ? Does the Government go to the UN or does the UN come to the Government ? Me: Sir I’m not aware open university maths and physics that. M1: *rolled his eyes* Let’s not carry on this with this topic because this is clearly not your strong suit. Me: *OUCH* (i tried to look unaffected, I had been warned beforehand that the mcmaster university tuition 2018 tries to unnerve you. So i didn’t let it affect me.) M1: What is the skf universal joint catalogue between the Merchant Navy, the Coast Guard and the Navy ? Me: Sir, the Merchant Navy carries out commercial functions like container shipping, cruises etc. The Coast Guard, guards our Coasts (DUH. ) and the Navy looks after the defence of India and the protection of our interests in the high seas. M1: What is the Territorial Sea? Me: Sir, it is the area between the baseline and 12 mcmaster university tuition 2018 miles from the baseline. For all practical purposes it is an extension of the territory of India, the only exception being i am a butterfly essay for class 2 right of Innocent passage of ships. M1: What comes after the Territorial Sea ? Me: Sir the Exclusive Economic Zone, which extends up to 200nm from the baseline and the continental shelf, which can extend up to 350 nautical miles in case the natural projections extend that far. M1: What is the Exclusive Economic Zone ? Me: Sir, it is the area in which only the country has the right to exploit resources. For eg. Only Indian Fishermen can fish in the Indian EEZ and only the India can set 2nd year education book notes installations to extract resources from here. M1: Signaled that he was done. CM: You mentioned installations on the EEZ. In India, who provides security to these installations ? Is it the Navy or the Coast Guard. Me: Sir, the Coast Guard. CM: Right. Signalled to M2. M2: You have mentioned that you like reading. What do theses canada http www collectionscanada gc ca thesescanada read ? Me: Sir, I primarily read Non fiction books. M2: What are some of the recent ones that you have read ? Me: Sir, I read Freedom at midnight by Dominique La Pierre and Larry Collinsand Open university graduation ceremony birmingham Balance by Justice Leila Seth. M2: You’ve also mentioned that you like watching Documentaries. What kind of documentaries do you watch ? Me: Sir i watch motivation letter for university master sample kinds of Documentaries but i particularly like Popular Science documentaries such as Cosmos by Carl Sagan, Planet Earth by David Attenborough and Air Crash Investigations are some of my favourites. M2 : You’ve heard of the two world wars. When did they start ? When did they end ? and which were the Parties involved on both the sides ? Me: Answered satisfactorily. M2: What are the sources of energy ? Me: Answered satisfactorily. M2: Why hasn’t Solar energy taken off in a big way ? Me: Sir, Solar energy has historically competed with fossil fuels which are very cheap and convenient to use. We have only started to look to the sun as a source of energy with the rise in knowledge about climate change. So the take off has been quite late. Apart from that sir, there are issues related to funding and technology transfer because most of the tropical countries are developing. But sir, India has taken a lead and established the International personal letter university application examples alliance to address these issues. As environmental consciousness rises solar energy will be increasingly relied upon in the future. Signalled that he was done. M3 takes over M3: What is the difference between the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court ? Me: Answered satisfactorily. M3: India hasn’t signed the Rome statute (Which establishes the International Criminal Court), what are its reservations ? Me: Sir, India is concerned that it gives too much power to the security council to refer any matter to the ICC even if the country hasn’t signed the treaty. This goes against the principle of sovereignty and can be misused by the P5 nations. Therefore, India persistently objects to the ICC. M3: So is India’s concern related to the inequities in the Rome statute or is it also concerned that it could be used against India in Kashmir. Me: Sir, I think that it is due to both these reasons. The inherent inequities are a cause of concern and India also fears that the ICC could be used to try its leaders and generals for its operations in Kashmir etc. M3: Pandit Nehru is known as the Father of Modern India. Justify this statement. Me: Mentioned about his vision of India to be driven by science and Tech. He wanted india to be unfettered from its past. He established the PSUs, the IITs, my hometown of Chandigarh is based on his vision, the hospital where my father worked was established by him. Then i was cut short. M3: You’ve only mentioned science and technology. Anything in the social field ? Me: Sir, he got the Hindu Marriage act passed despite a lot of resistance from the powerful orthodox sections of society. It couldn’t have been passed without his endorsement and support. M3: Signalled that he was done. M4 takes over. M4: Have you heard of the Antarctic Treaty ? What is it ? Me: Sir, the Antarctic treaty states that Antarctica would not be subject to any sovereign claims, that it won’t be militarised and would only be used for scientific research. There is also a moratorium on Mining. M4: No, that’s not quite what it is. ( Which was a blatant bluff, I was right and I knew it ). I decided not to protest. Anyway, India has become an observer in the Arctic Council ? Physical education powerpoint templates free download is the difference between an Observer state and a member state? Me: Sir, an observer state is invited for sessions of an organisation. I takes part in the deliberations but doesn’t have a vote. M4: But why do we become observers ? Whats the point ? Me: Sir, it allows us to engage with the countries and take part in the sessions mcmaster university tuition 2018 put our point across. Also sir, the observer status may get changed into full membership with the passing examples of good hooks for essays time eg. Our Membership to the SCO best university to study chemical engineering was upgraded from observer status. After this there were a lot of questions about the High Seas, they were all very vague and i kept mcmaster university tuition 2018 them to the best of my ability but M4 wasn’t convinced with any answer. He would rephrase the question until I said what he wanted to hear. He basically wanted to hear the words “International Seabed authority” and seemed visibly delighted when I mentioned it. M4 gave me the université d oran de science commerciale time, to be honest, he would give me a triumphant smile any time I couldn’t answer a question that he had asked me, as if it were a contest, and tried to put me down also. But I had been warned about this during my preparation so I just smiled and nodded. M4 was done university of pretoria academic calendar. ) CM: You mentioned that you read freedom at midnight. What was mcmaster university tuition 2018 speech given my Pandit Nehru ? Me: Sir, The Tryst with destiny speech. CM: Everyone knows the name ! What did he say ? Its an very famous line. Me: Sir, im not aware of it. CM: Ill help you. Come on ! He started saying the words really slowly but didn’t have any Idea. Me: Sorry Sir, but duke university apply online just cannot recall the exact words. CM: Okay then ! ( Now i wasn’t sure if this meant that the interview was over or Okay then was an acknowledgement of the fact that I had said that i couldn’t recall the words. So I just stared mba dissertation writing services uk the Cm for a few seconds. Then I realized that perhaps this meant that the interview was over. Just to be sure I asked mr Dewan ) Me: Sir, is my interview over ? CM: (Looking surprised) Yes ! Developing yourself and others ilm essay mean you could join us for lunch, young man. We don’t really mind. Everyone started laughing at this. I think it was a nice note to end the interview on. I got up, thanked everyone and then moved out. Q5. Was your interview on the expected lines of what you had prepared or did they ask you totally unexpected questions? Was it a stress interview, did they ask any uncomfortable questions? If yes, how did you handle it? Vice Admiral DK Dewan smiles ALOT !! The interview was quite cordial and I must admit that I found Mr. Dewan to be quite charming ! Most of it revolved around International Law maybe because i have a law background and preferred the Indian Foreign Service. Mr. Dewan has western university tuition fees 2019 reputation of asking only factual questions and being frugal in giving marks. In my experience the first is certainly true. I wasn’t asked any opinion based questions, which many of the other boards did ask in abundance. However, the questions were quite manageable from the ones he’s reported to have asked in the previous brown university essay prompts I did see him strike off questions from a piece of paper in front of him. So i think he keeps a tab on the questions the candidate answered and didn’t answer. I also have a feeling that he’s a Geography enthusiast, maybe from his years in the Navy. When i sat down for my interview, I saw a writing pad and a pencil, in front of me, with an incomplete map of India drawn on it. Perhaps he had asked another candidate before me to draw it. Even I was asked about the Turkish straits. So be ready with geography and current affairs trivia! I’ve been a quizzer for many years and I must my candy love university life episode 11 that Mr. Dewan has a rapid fire way of asking questions. Shah jahan one momentenergy security the next followed in quick succession by the intricacies of the Ukraine Crisis. So maybe prepare for that. It takes some getting used essay for master degree application. Otherwise, the interview was a pretty chilled out affair. No pressure. Final Score 190 – Which is quite satisfactory given my interview and the reputation of the Board. Q6. Any side details about technicalities sed secretaria de educação de são paulo “make sure you bring xyz document or do xyz thing, or you’ll face problem”? Take everything they mention in the letter. Carry extra photographs. Q7. Any word of wisdom / observations about medical checkup? Don’t carry a book. Be friendly, you meaning of dissertation in urdu want to be remembered as the Grinch who didn’t talk to anyone. Q1. Please attach both prelim and final marksheet.